Sunday, February 22, 2009

Combine Watch: RB

So after a day of watching the combine as well as news from the UT that we are actually looking at drafting a RB, I decided to take a look at a few notable performers that I believe we may look at.

Donald Brown (UConn)- Brown was the top performer in the vertical jump as well as a top 10 performer in the broad jump, 3-cone drill, 20 yard shuttle, and 60 yard shuttle, and 40 yard dash with a 4.51. He had plenty of productiveness in college with 3,800 yards and 33 touchdowns in 3 seasons. There was also a little segment on NFL Network with him talking about his pre-draft experience and he seemed remarkably mature.

Kory Sheets (Purdue)-Sheets was a top 10 performer in the broad and vertical jumps, 60 yard shuttle, and the 40 yard dash with a 4.47. From a few comments on him I gathered that he pretty much carried the load due to struggles at quarterback and still managed over 1,000 yards in his senior year and 3,341 over his career. I was impressed by Sheets at the Senior Bowl, and while I'm no expert, it looked to me that he was quite quick, and with his solid 40 time he showed he has the flat-out speed as well.

Javon Ringer (Michigan State)- Ringer wasn't quite as explosive at the combine, but it's his productiveness in college that makes him stand out. His 4,398 yards are the most at the draft by a long shot. He is a little small at 5-9, 202, but he can carry the load as evidenced by his 843 attempts in college.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Do List for Chargers

Over the course of this offseason there are a few things that need to be accomplished for the future of the team. This list excludes the items that can be addressed through the draft
  • Extend Philip Rivers Contract Philip Rivers is the most important part of this franchise now. While I hope we can avoid having to give him an arm and a leg, if it comes to that, he needs to be paid.
  • Extend Shawne Merriman Everyone saw the hole that was left in the Charger's defense in his absence. Probably the biggest complaint over the season was the lack of pressure that consequently led to the poor pass defense.
  • Restructure LT's Contract While I have been of the opinion that LT will never regain his former glory, LT has been the face of the franchise for so long that the drama of his situation will only serve as a distraction at this point. LT still has some good years in him and a reconstruction of his contract will e the best thing for everyone.

Just a few more quick points of things needed to be done.

  • Extend Marcus McNeil
  • Extend Vincent Jackson

I'm still indecisive on Antonio Cromartie, but my questions will probably be answered next season.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Mock Draft (1st Round)

Just picks for now. I'll add analysis on picks in further installments.

1. Detroit (0-16)-Matt Stafford
2. St. Louis (2-14)-Eugene Monroe
3. Kansas City (2-14)-Mark Sanchez
4. Seattle (4-12)-Jason Smith
5. Cleveland (4-12)-Aaron Curry
6. Cincinnati (4-11-1)-Beanie Wells
7. Oakland (5-11)- Michael Crabtree
8. Jacksonville (5-11)-Andre Smith
9. Green Bay (6-10)-Brian Orakpo
10. San Francisco (7-9)-Michael Oher
11. Buffalo (7-9)-Everette Brown
12. Denver (8-8)-Rey Maualuga
13. Washington (8-8)-BJ Raji
14. New Orleans (8-8)-Malcolm Jenkins
15. Houston (8-8)-Tyson Jackson
16. San Diego (8-8)-James Laurinaitis
17. New York Jets (9-7)-Aaron Maybin
18. Chicago (9-7)-Jeremy Maclin
19. Tampa Bay (9-6)-Percy Harvin
20. Detroit (from Dallas) (9-7)-Vontae Davis
21. Philadelphia (9-6-1)-Brandon Pettigrew
22. Minnesota (10-6)-Alphonso Smith
23. New England (11-5)-Knowshon Moreno
24. Atlanta (11-5)-William Moore
25. Miami (11-5)-Brian Cushing
26. Baltimore (11-5)-Darius Heyward-Bey
27. Indianapolis (12-4)-Peria Jerry
28. Philadelphia (from Carolina) (12-4)-LeSean McCoy
29. New York Giants (12-4)-Clint Sintim
30. Tennessee (13-3)-Larry English
31. *Arizona (9-7)-Duke Robinson
32. *Pittsburgh (12-4)-Andy Levitre
*To be determined by the outcome of the Super Bowl

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chargers hire assistant head coach to complete their staff

Just a few updates on the status of the Chargers coaching staff. We have hired some quality coaches and it is nice to have gotten this aspect of offseason improvements over with rather quickly. I especially would like to note Rob Chudzinski, who was our TE coach during 2005 and 2006, two of Gates' biggest years. Chudzinski was being considered for head coaching jobs around the league and I'm glad (but also a little surprised) that we picked him up.
By Kevin Acee

Rob Chudzinski is coming back -- and he has some added responsibility.
The Chargers' tight ends coach in 2005 and 2006, Chudzinski is close to being named to coach that position after two seasons as Cleveland's offensive coordinator, and he will be the assistant head coach as well this time. Chudzinski spent 10 seasons (1994-2003) as an assistant at his alma mater, the University of Miami, and one season with the Browns before coming to San Diego the first time.
Cleveland's assistant line coach Mike Sullivan also has been hired to fill that role with the Chargers. Sullivan played five seasons in the NFL for three teams (Dolphins, Cowboys, Bucs) and has spent six of the past eight seasons as a Browns assistant. He also has college coaching experience at Miami (2000) and Western Michigan (2005-06).
The team is finalizing negotiations with Chudzinski, and an official announcement of the moves should be made later Monday or Tuesday

Shawne Merriman on LT

Shawne Merriman today made his thoughts on the LT situation public.

“Going into next season,” Merriman said, “I want people talking about how we're going to rebound from getting ... bounced from the playoffs – not if LT is going to be there or if I'm going to be there.”

While Shawne is certainly not one to hold back when he believes something, I have to agree with his statement. The main goal has to be getting to the Super Bowl. The hurt feelings have to put away for the the collective effort.

“We're a team, upstairs and downstairs, no matter what,” Merriman said. “This is a business, but if you address the situation publicly now you have turmoil. "

Shawne is really just saying what many others have been afraid to say. This is a situation that could get very ugly and that's not something we can afford right now. The situation needs to be addressed swiftly and should have already been taken care of to avoid all the speculation and questions that have now taken root.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chargers Draft Prospect:Shonn Greene

While I have said that Rashad Jennings is my favorite RB in this years draft, Shonn Greene from Iowa is another back that I am high on and think could provide something valuable to our team. I have talked about Shonn Greene in my first round draft preview (, and I don't think we would get a RB in the first round, but I also don't feel as though Shonn Greene will go in the first round. Greene doesn't quite have the elite speed that teams value as well as the fact that he only had one productive year at Iowa. I predict that he could possibly go in the second, but more likely he will go somewhere from the 3rd round to as late as the early 5th round. Greene is a large back at a solid 230 lb, but what I like is how he runs. Greene does use his size, and has a powerful motor, but he also is quick and can shift directions relatively quickly in the open field. I don't really want to use this comparison but he runs a lot like Michael Turner. Greene could be an asset whether or not LT stays or leaves this season. With Sproles most likely gone to free agency, Greene could act as a strong backup as well as a change of pace to keep LT fresh. If Greene makes it into the 4th round, I believe that he will be irresistible. I just hope AJ feels the same way.

LT Situation

At this point it seems certain that something is going to be done about LT. At the UT, reports are that LT will likely be offered a restructured contract. My feeling from what LT has said is that he will probably accept this deal, but if I were LT I wouldn't exactly be happy about it. I've mentioned this before though that there are many other important players that need to be signed. If LT is not offered a new contract before the draft then it will be a big indication what direction they plan to go by whether a RB is drafted or not. If LT does go, there's no doubt in my mind that he would have a 1000 yard season with some other team, but the severed relationship between LT and the Chargers might not be so pleasant.